The Organization


Had a very successful weekend, getting many items crossed off the "to do" list! Felt good. Also did some appropriate physical distanced visiting with a friend that i haven't seen in a month or two, mostly due to my own stresses and anxiety. Oh and we watched "Skyscraper" with The Rock. It felt like a movie that had a bunch of parts that could have been good, some that were not, and a great lack of a decent plot. Watching it at home, with no other expectations that it would allow us to zone out for 1.5h, it was successful... Mostly, with some plot holes and dumb-decisions and paper thin NPCs... So, not good, but .. ok? I don't really suggest anybody else watch it.

However, the final episode of Ted Lasso really payed off. That show, so fun and... wholesome? something? Just makes you feel good watching it. Does for me, anyway.

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Very excited to watch what is, i think, the last episode of this show. Have really been enjoying it, and am sad that this is it for a while!

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Quick Things

When working i'm always looking for some kind of background tunes to have playing. The HÖR BERLIN youtube channel usually has something excellent to listen too, and new stuff all the time. I'm particularly fond of DJ Chloé Lula.

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Map Fail

Soooo, didn't really get the map setup, but did fix some bad code with how the clients were sending their move updates over the wire, and the server/client code to handle them. Also moved the responsibility for asking the NPCs if they are interested in moving to the "game manager" (nee map manager).

And i updated the GFX for the NPCs and PCs to be nicer, and implemented a pixel perfect camera system.

Game Play Not very exciting yet

Next "sprint" i'll do the map stuff. Really.

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Game Project

Still working, slowly, on The Game That Has No Name. I have the NPCs working with networked players in a turn-based way. The "time" system is actually an "energy" system, allowing for different actions to have different costs, and so quicker and slower NPCs and Players.

Then next step is a basic map, shared over the network. I am trying to not even worry about display of the map for now, just the ability to have one, and that the Players and NPCs use it. That is my goal for tonight, get the most basic version working. Then worry about a simple rendering layer.

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An Art!

We ordered a "street carving" map of Toronto from Street Carvings, and it arrived today. Bigger and Cooler then expected, very excited to get it up on the wall!

Street Carving The depth aspect is very cool in person

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Last Day Of September

Proper fall weather these past couple days. Been raining in the evenings, which has put a damper on my out door exercise and climbing schedule.

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Big Tech

Prodigal tech bro stories skip straight from the past, when they were part of something that—surprise!—turned out to be bad, to the present, where they are now a moral authority on how to do good, but without the transitional moments of revelation and remorse.

Oh my. This article, "The Prodigal Techbro" states so clearly feeling i have been having about these folks that used to work for BigTech, and their come-to-ethics moment.

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Big Climb

Did some excellent climbing in the Niagara Glen yesterday. Super beautify location. So different from all the indoor climbing I'm used to. The height is magnified as is the feeling of danger. It was quite overpowering on two of my climbs and really limited some of the following attempts I did. I am looking forward how this new perspective on height and danger will influence my indoor climbing. You know, once indoor climbing is a thing i feel safe in doing again!

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