The Organization

We like to think we have some form of control still.
Making our constant binary choices.
And voicing our equally shallow opinions more loudly or quietly.
Most people can't even decide what color to wear or which burger to eat.
And what the fuck does it matter man.
Autonomy is an illusion
-- Ecstatic "Illusion Of Control"

I quite like this lyric, although i'm not quite ready to give up my thoughts and beliefs on autonomy and free-will. I have a dark-wave mix which has a remix of this song in it, and it is rockin! Sadly, the "real" version of the song does nothing for me.

Just read this really interesting paper "Mechanical Computing Systems Using Only Links and Rotary Joints". At first i was all like "what even is the point (other than being cool)", but it has applications in micro and nano engineering. And is, regardless, just an amazing example of minimalist machinery required to build a Turing complete machine. Found it via Interesting Esoterica on Mastodon.

Picked up White Hex's album Gold Nights and really enjoying it. Unfortunately the band is already gone, but there is at least one more album i can, and will get, by them. Also got Pleasure Symbols Closer and Closer Apart. And have been listening to NIN Ghosts V and VI, well, trying to listen to them. They are very bleak and too challenging for me to have on during work as they pull my attention.

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New Games

Ikenfell just released today. I had to look it up, Chevy Ray has been working on this for over four years now. I remember way back when I first heard about it, years ago, and I had wondered if it had fallen into the "never to be released" pile. But no, it looks amazing, great soundtrack. And on switch! Played about an hour, and am enjoying it so far.

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I got nothing

I like the idea, and implementation, of Pairagraph "A hub of discourse between pairs of notable individuals". I just read a discourse between Om Malik and J. DeLong, titled "Is America in Decline?". Interesting, and i will probably read some of the other posted. I wonder how one can subscribe to an ongoing "live" discourse? How would that work in RSS, or email? Because i don't want to have to come back to the website all the time to check for updates. Like an animal.

There is a main RSS feed, i guess i should subscribe to it and see how it looks in my reader (NetNewsWire). And they do have an email signup, but i'm not doing that one right now.

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Still holding on to wearing shorts full time. But it is getting harder, with these colder mornings! And really need warm things on my feet now, or they just become unfeeling blocks of ice. Fingerless gloves have also been broken out to keep the hands working too. Shee, maybe the whole "move south to a place that is always warm" isn't such a bad idea... Its just finding one that isn't on the brink of civil collapse or other political implosion... I actually enjoy winter sports though, and would miss snowboarding. But warm all the time... But then you wouldn't have the enjoyment of a fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket on a couch, reading a book, watching the snow fall outside.

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Wanted to do some work on tgthnn last night, but just couldn't focus. This had been a problem in the past, but the whole Covid thing has really jacked up the difficulty of getting things done. I don't really like the idea of motivation, and believe that you just have to do a thing, but i couldn't even get my brain to "load in" the code of the project, and start programming. Just too much noise in the neurons.

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