The Organization


Just got my copy of "Kissa by Kissa" by Craig Mod.

My Book! So pretty. So much texture.

I wish i had gotten myself together to visit Japan in my early 20s. Although, having now been fortunate enough to have visited in my late 40s (got there eventually!), i wonder how that would have changed my life.

Regardless, this book is a lovely visual trip, literally and figuratively, through Japan, and a particular culinary genre involving "pizza toast". I love these kinds of "inside stories" about cultures, that you can't really get without having lived in a place. Or walked it.

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Home IT

Have been working on rewiring and re-laying out the office for the past couple days. Trying to ensure all the things that require a UPS have one, rerouting ethernet such that it isn't as intimate with the all the power cables. Pretty good so far! Made use of the below mentioned Muse to help with the planning -- sketching out the layout, looking up stuff etc. Quite helpful :)

Feels good to have things organized, even if they are things that i don't see. Just knowing that the cables are rationally laid out, and not in a tangled mess, calms my brain somehow.

Cables! These are totally not my cables. But they look nice.

Am also thinking of getting the Luna Display hardware and software, as i now have an extra iMac up here, and could use a third monitor for work... Right?!? Yes.

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And that was 10 days

Lots happened in the intervening days since my last post, and i'm not going to talk about any of it.

Well, i did discover Muse for iPadOS, which i love. I discovered it via Ink and Switch's article about it as a prototype. I was excited to discover they had developed it into an actual product! Still working my way through it, figuring out what works and doesn't, how i can make it work for my way of working. Worth checking out. Has a very generous demo/free version.

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