The Organization


Just got my Luna Display setup here. So far, pretty great. I now have 3 "monitors", and while more screen space is good, it is almost too wide, and requires too much head rotation. I am going to have to get used to it. And figure out how to split out the different apps, windows, etc onto the different monitors. I don't really have an idea of how to organize that.

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Photo Backlog

Working through a years, even decade long, backlog of photo management tasks. Finally importing all the old iPhoto and Aperture libraries i have scattered around multiple old backup disks. Also trying to de-duplicate at the same time. Currently using Photo Sweeper, which has been good, although only used it on folders, not the actual Photos library. That will come though. Nice to have a reason to look at all these old photos, lots of the kids from when they were way younger. One of the follow on tasks, once all the photos are actually in the Photos library (and backed up via TimeMachine and iCloud photos -- will get another backup solution, i promise, John Siracusa!) i will go back over them to pick out some good ones and start building out some albums. That is actually the fun part, at least i hope it is!!

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I have no title and i must scream

Fuck Covid reason number 5382 -- I miss Karaoke so much. Going out with my friends, getting a room at Bar+, singing for hours and hours, just hanging out having a good time.

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Some is better then none

Following up on that Unity Scriptable Object issue from yesterday. It appears that SOs have a sort of reference count, and when that reference count reaches 0, the SO is "marked" as removed/unused. If a new script references that same SO, it is reloaded and reset and its Awake() method is called. Now, when all the references are removed and the object is recycled is still unclear to me, but we figured out a code solution, which only kind-of makes my skin crawl. We have a private static hashSet which, when an SO becomes "enabled", it adds itself too. This then holds a reference to that SO for the rest of the life of the application, which prevents it from having its Awake() called again. Fixing the bug, but i still don't really understand what or how or when or why Awake() is called when it is. I am likely to keep poking at this to try to figure it out, but i do not hold out high hopes.

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Change of pace

At work I use Unity3D for, well, everything. It has many... quirks? Corner cases? Today we just uncovered a new one, having to do with ScriptableObjects, and their Awake() method. While most other objects in unity have their Awake() method only called once, when the object comes into scope, it seems that Scriptable Objects can have their Awake() method called multiple times. In some cases. And those cases, are, so far, opaque to me. This thread on the forums has some deeper info, but even with doing my own experiments, it isn't clear when Awake() is or is not called. This is frustrating for several reasons, not the least of which is i don't know if this has been happening for ages, and we just have never been caught by how it works, or if this is a new change to how Unity works. So far have spent most of the afternoon delving into this, with no definitive answer.


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Oh, the excitement when first setting up a new blog! Getting all the fancy tech working, solving problems! Then the reality of what blogging means, you have to actually write something! And there is a (self inflicted) pressure to "expand" your audience, which means new content every day. And if you don't do that, then maybe it is a failure. Now, i have allowed myself to feel that way, and i am here, now, to say, no more. I will be content with whatever small and occasional updates i do. In what ever esoteric or boring topics i choose to expound upon. Because there is already too much to be anxious and stressed about, and a blog is not, and should not, be one of them.

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Was out of the city with the family for a long weekend getaway. Rented a place out in the country, did a lot of walking in the woods and fields, looked at the stars, got some fresh air, identified some birds. Built and maintained a super cozy warm fire in the wooden stove. Ate some food. Watched the dog chase mice in the tall grass. Was able to decompress in a way that just seems impossible in the city.

Trees silhouetted by a sunset Pretty

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