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This is how it is going to be for a while yet

Obviously we are only just entering the winter, and i'm trying to be positive about it. I do like snowstorms, and watching the snow come down. It is the grey days, or not seeing the sun for a while that gets me. Still have one of those sun-lamps on my "want" lists, might do it as a holiday gift to myself.

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Just a week, that is the goal now

Only a week till the Solstice, and having more daylight rather then less. I mean, sure, we will have all of the winter to get through, but hey, it will be brighter! These are the little wins i take on a day by day basis.

The first batches of the Covid vaccines are being or have been distributed, and i think UHN has got it for Toronto, and is administering it starting today. Very exciting on several different axis -- first applications of some long researched medical technology, using mRNA, and that we have something that can finally allow us to really look forward to a covid free life in the next year. I guess the other side of that coin is all the people who are still going to suffer before we get past it.

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Social time pressures

Have been thinking about how i have been paring back more and more outside information sources. While i did have a facebook account i never used it, and deleted it a year or two ago. I have also deleted my twitter and instagram accounts. I'm down to "just" my RSS feeds and my mastodon account. I occasionally feel bad, that i'm somehow avoiding some kind of responsibility that i should have to being "up to date". But then articles like "News is the Last Thing We Need Right Now" come along and i feed relieved, and supported in my decisions to disengage, to a degree. I mean, some of those decisions were also driven by my hatred for the surveillance capitalism that those services participate in (still working on disengaging from the Google Search and other services we use for work), not only or just for the news stuff. I also do not listen to the radio or watch tv news.

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