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Holy Crap, it is the end of 2020

And so it is the last day of the year. Really only important to folks using the Gergorian Calendar. Sort of like we put importance on numbers that end in 5 or 0, because of the number of digits on our hands, i think the importance of days and years is most a social construct. Like, sure, pretty important to know when to start planting, and that the solstice has happened, but like "new years eve"? What the heck, so arbitrary. I didn't really do anything on the solstice this year, but if i was going to mark a day, that would have been the one. But here i am, on New Years Eve, writing about it! And, yes, I am glad to have this last year done, and move on to a more hopeful one. Wishing the best for everyone in the next year!!

Why do you temp me so

GDW is tempting me with its bundles for Classic Traveller. All the little black books! It would actually be more interesting to get them as actual reprints rather then PDFs... But really the last thing i need is more TTRPGs that i'm never going to play. Although just reading all that source material is fun in itself...