The Organization

Moving moving moving

Finished with January! Really, February is the worst month of the winter, so, in my mind, we are almost done winter! Just have to get through this month!

Found some more interesting plain-text tools. The first twtxt I already setup with a feed here: No idea if i will keep it up, but i love how simple it is. This came from a discussion about all the work being done on "distributed platforms", to get away from the likes of Twitter and FB, and how they are so complex to work with. twtxt is so simple. I love it.

Next is klog a text file based time tracking tool. Again, love the simplicity. And really good documentation about the format.

Actually, both projects have great documentation. Which is lovely to see. I think the twtxt thing is kind of dead in the water, but i guess it is hard to know, since discoverability is very opaque. I certainly have no one to follow! :)