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Two in a row!

Adam put me onto this page, Accidentally Turing-Complete. Trying hard to not go down all those rabbit holes of interesting but totally non-relevant articles! I have been prototyping some "program blocks", items that you can physically pickup and move around in a virtual space, and then snap together to create program flows, kind of like Unix command line apps that you pipe data through. The biggest issue is what the input (sensors) and output (effectors) would do in the prototype environment we currently have. The work has sort of stalled, a "solution" in search of a problem.

Oh, it is also the last day of winter, and i'm happy to see it go. It was actually a very mild winter, and i am quite thankful for that, we had enough other stuff going on to have to deal with a bear of a winter too! But still, good to be done with it.

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and a month and a half

Working on some documentation for the Flow project... Hooked into the EditorApplication.update event loop to allow for updating the names of the Flow components, regardless of their enabled state. This now lets them validate their own flows, and show debug info if they are improperly setup. Also, non-flow components can update the name as well, without having to know anything about flow, other than a magic string field flowName. I tried to avoid magic, but Unity itself uses it, so...

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