The Organization

Just found out about WorkAdventure. It is very similar to a prototype i built a couple years ago in Unity3d. Looks interesting, wish it was easier to host, but i'll try it out!

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Late to the party

Started watching The Crown last night. It was as good as everyone has been saying. Of course i stayed up far too late (early?), and watch the first 4? 5? Episodes. One nice thing about coming to this show "late" is that there are already several seasons for me to binge! So, if you haven't watched it yet, i give it a firm two thumbs up.

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I don't know what i'm doing

With all the minecrafting going on, i though i'd look at using the VR setup... Vivecraft was what i tried out, and it is surprisingly good. Am going to keep experimenting with it, i don't think it will be good for creative building though. The movement is not as conducive to strafing/clicking... but maybe there are VR specific interactions that are good for building? I will do some searching around.

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Lost in a haze

So, some shit has happened, and i'm not going to talk about it because i'll just end up screaming obscenities.

Setup Rss Bridge on the server, so i can get web-comics that are only posted to Instagram. Was very easy to setup, i also put it behind some basic auth so it doesn't get used by random yahoos. I guess this also protects from possible bugs/exploits in the code, since it is not open on the web to everyone.

Have been running a survival minecraft server for the kids and myself for ages. I have become more interested in running a creative server, and working on different architectural constructions. This comes from Rory getting into doing some builds from youtube tutorials, which i did not know was even a thing. Kind of amazing, actually. This might be the one i try out first... I guess i could also run both a survival and creative server.

Wow, i didn't know about spectator mode, have been using it to cruise through canyons and also peek underground at the massive cave systems. The world generator is pretty spectacular, i have to say.

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