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Going well, so i'm getting worried

Doing some work on a networked game thing prototype. I really wanted to reduce the difficulty of getting all the things working together, and so am using Mirror and the Noble Whale components for match making, relay/nat traversal and position syncing. It was a surprisingly painless, and quick, process to get them working together correctly, and my basic player controller and visrep working. This might also be due to the fact that i've done a fair bit of networking work before, and have keep up with all these different technologies, but, still, i was surprised. I am quite critical of Unity and how they have been managing their first-party networking solution, or rather, lack of solution. But the community has filled the gap, and as much as i would much rather use a first-party networking solution, this has worked well, so far.

Now moving on to having a couple different types of controller in the game, so next is getting a character controller working. This is going to be a bit more complex due to having animation states to sync, but Mirror does have a Network Animator component, and i'm hopeful that this can be a drop-in-and-work...

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