The Organization

Petty but...

One of the neighbours has been having some kind of big renovation in their backyard. For the past couple days it has been chainsaws all day, and now it has been joined by mini-diggers with the beep beep backup alerts. While i don't begrudge anyone the right to fix up their place, it is driving me a bit crazy with the noise. Just another excuse to turn up my tunes even louder.

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Quick Things

Reading Mitigating Digital Mindlessness, and this quote struck me:

Definition. Mindlessness is the vulnerable state of heuristic decision making which leaves users susceptible to unintentional or malicious deception (e.g. fake news, deep fakes) and misdirection (e.g., filter bubbles, dark patterns).

Also reading about TDD, and how multiple studies have shown that it is not the panacea we thought it was.

Discovered, which is like a ... whiteboard with video? Persistent chat space? Kinda cool, and free, worth checking out.

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Oh Unity3d, why do you pain me so

An interesting bug when using Unity Events... You have created a class with a method like public void MyMethod(), and have a unity event which targets that method. You later decide that the method should be private rather than public. The unity event does not care about the access change, and happily continues to call your, now private, method. Also, it can be very difficult to find what unity event is actually calling your method, making tracking down this kind bug very difficult. A "fix" is to change the name of the method, thus breaking the unity event reference. But that is not ideal. I do not have a solution, other than that the unity events should respect the access modifiers on the methods they are calling. With the knowledge that that would likely be run-time costly, and so maybe not worth it.

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No Rush

As i talked about before, i'm working hard on keeping from applying perceived external pressures to my personal projects. Because i had early success with some of my experiments, i feel like i need to produce more "showable" or polished output. But really, i have to keep telling myself, this is just for me. It is fine to go slowly, to write more, to make smaller, or even no "gains" as it were. Because the end state isn't to have a polished or even working game, but the process of learning and playing around with ideas. Some of those will not be showable, or of interest to anyone but me. And that is fine. The need for external validation is a hard one to break.

Two game windows, showing balls rolling around a play space. Similar views between the windows as they are networked together.
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5 months and 4 days...

Got the 3rd person controller "working" in a demo scene, and have continued to think about how selection will work. Also more and more thinking about writing a bespoke controller, just so i know how it works, completely. The tutorials by Jasper Flick are a great resource and starting point. Also, because they use rigidbodys as their underlaying root object, the work on rigidbody sync i've been doing should be able to be directly applicable to the controllers movement.

Oh i found out that the Inter Illusion translation package also has google-translate built in, in that it will take a bit of text and submit it to google for translating. One of the tricks when i did some auto-translating test before was where/how to do it, without having to pay a bunch for it to work. If we just distribute the "raw" or original chat-text to all the clients, and each client then uses its own bandwidth to look it up, that might be better? For some cases of better, anyway :)

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