The Organization


While working on some other research stuff (for Behaviour Trees and Utility AI), i came across this GDC slide deck. It is "just" about the importance of logging data. And while we do that already at work, the key item here is the historic or time-based way of storing and visualizing that data. Being able to scrub through this data, and see it reflected in the scene itself, or via textual outputs. This led to the creation of the Chronicle logging tool. The visualization/output side is very weak right now, but the data-backend and API is pretty great, especially for an alpha/poc. Hopefully something to show soon?

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Five months later, not much change

My previous post about my feeling towards the indiscriminate use of blog content to feed the maw of 3rd party AI/search/ad-tech still stands, but! I do want to do some kind of publishing of my thoughts, and some of my work(s), and at least owning my own site is better than being beholden to others'. So it is the devil you know/control over the one you don't. Feels shitty, but maybe the least shitty.

On the other side of that coin, i have deleted reddit again, and will be working hard to convert that behaviour over to reading my library books (TPL and OverDrive, love the digital library system!). I have "Roadside Picnic" by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky borrowed right now. I watched "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky, which is based on the book, and wanted a bit more insight into just what the hell was going on in that film.

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Old Killer, working again...

Got a OneWheel Pint back at the beginning of Covid, and rode it all that year. Unfortunately, because i didn't RTFM, i stored it poorly over the winter, and it spent all last year not working.

Finally got some time and money together to fix it and get a bigger battery put in (thanks to FloatSchool for the work!). Doubled the range, should be 20+ km now, and was out today on my first ride. First ride was up and down the alley behind the house a couple times. Was very wobbly, going to have to take it slow, relearn and re-strengthen up my ankle muscles! But fun, felt good to be out on it, had forgotten that feeling of carving back and forth. Sweet.


Fuck Entropy

And part of the motivation for getting the Pint working again is that i am on a hiatus from climbing. In addition to the year long shoulder issues, i now have tennis elbow! So that is 7 or 8 weeks of physio and not climbing on that arm. I am going to try to get out, and do some modified v0 and v1's, with just my left arm? I might end up all lop-sided!


Well Done!

Don't want to talk about the kids too much (they should be in control of their own internet surface-area) (and it just seems so typical dad-brag), but super happy for Conor and his success this weekend!