The Organization

Couple of small things, got a huge flapper on my finger climbing last night. Had to tape it up. Was near the end of the session, so didn't really impact me too bad, other than hurting! Have been working on a game project in my "spare" time. Going well, really reduced the scope down (callback to How To Make Good Small Games), and this has enable me to do more in smaller chunks. Working on the audio now, and am looking at using L-Systems and usfxr for the "sound track". Lots to design and figure out yet, but am enjoying the constrained nature of the problem space. Will talk more about this game when i have a bit more done, at least some placeholder simple audio, and slightly better menus. Am also taking Basic Costal Navigation course, and it is pretty busy, so lots of time on homework and readings! Finally, the longer days are a real boon, as is the warming weather. Spring! Nice! Mental Health + 1!

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