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Had a good climbing session last night. Topped a v4 first try that i flubbed last session. Made it to the crux, which is the last hand/foot move on this v6. I do not think i have the strength to finish it, but was happy to have gotten so far on it. Was out early, right after Ciara got home, and so was also home early. Nice! I squandered that time however, and stayed up late editing together the climbing clips into a video. What is fun, i like editing stuff, but i probably should have gone to bed earlier!

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Rain Rain go away...

We have had, for the past week, mild weather for January. While non-face-freezing temperatures are usually welcome, these have come with rain. In my time on this planet, I have come to realize that cold rain is my least favourite weather. Give me face-freezing, or hot-hot-hot, or snow storm, but cold rain, hard pass. I mention this as i can see that the forecast for the next week is full of just slightly above 0c temperatures with precipitation. Excited, I am not.

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I kind of like the 2 factor stuff Steam has done. Having the code for the build uploader and the QR for logging into the site. Especially how, when using the uploader it pings the app on my phone, so i just have to tap the notification. That's pretty cool, and useful. If i was having to automate more, i'm not sure i would like it as much however. Fortunately i do not have to worry about that particular problem!

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