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Finished the first half-season of The Nevers. I enjoyed it, although there is enough story for 5 seasons in 6 epis odes. And just because you can show boobies and sex, maybe you don't have to? While there are a lot of things to quibble about, the 6th episode and Laura Donnelly are enough to keep me watching the rest.

Watched the first 3 episodes of The Last of Us. Wow. So good. Slightly alarming that the zombie plague is kinda science-y.

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Have been looking for this C# attribute for a while. In Chronicle (our timeline log tool), i've wanted an easy way to ensure that all calls to it can be removed and ensure no GC or CPU is being used, without having to decorate every call with #IF UNITY_EDITOR or some ugly horrible construction like that. And so we get [Conditional("")], which i can just put on top of all the Log() methods. Sweet!

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Boat Show

Took the day off on Friday to go to the Toronto Boat Show. While i was disappointed at the number of sail boats on hand, two!, it was still worth it to go. The overwhelming number of motor boats was, well, overwhelming, and impressive to see. We also had the opportunity to talk to many of the local clubs, which are all having open-houses soon, and so signed up to check them out. And then the "stuff", so much "stuff"! If we were already owners of a boat, whew, i think you could get most anything you needed, and a lot that you did not! Another plus were the seminars. I think we watched at least three, and they all had something that was worth the time spent. So, overall, good, but bummer not any sail boats!

Ah, and they did have a huge indoor "lake" created, that they were doing wake boarding on, which was pretty nifty.

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I purchased Oath this weekend. Very excited to actually play it with other players, rather than just solo testing/learning. It seems less difficult and complex than i expected? From all the reviews and such i was a bit trepidatious about it, but maybe my expectations are warped from playing A Feast for Odin? I wont be able to say for sure one way or the other till i get a chance to actually play it. It does look as good "in person" as expected, and if it gets played a couple times, i'm totally going to get the deluxe components. Very very excited. Now i just have to wrangle everyones schedule to figure out a time to play...

Speaking of reviews, this is the one you should watch.

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