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Picard Season Two

Finished the second season of Picard. They managed to make the last 2 episodes much more interesting than the rest. It is a bit much that they always want to tie up or connect things back to the same set of a dozen individuals. This small group, the group we see in the shows, is responsible for like 80% of all the "important" shit that happens in the Star Trek universe. Anyway. I guess i'll start season 3 and see if it holds my interest. I give Season Two a 2/5.

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We finally started watching Andor. I was put off by the (overused) trope of the kinda shady hero, in Cassian's intro. But by the second episode I was able to get into the show more fully. I think we have watched 4 episode now? Enjoying it, but not loving it.

There was an attempt to re-engage with the second season of Picard. That did not go so well. I may make my trudging way through it, but Ciara will not be joining me. I so want to love it, but it just misses, and feels... not as important as it is trying to be? Depending on how this season ends, i may continue on to the new third season, or let it go...

The Last of Us) continues to be my favourite tv show, another great episode. There are always things that "could be better", but really, dang, what a good show.

And finally, i watched Wakanda Forever. Similar to The Green Knight i'd heard from some folks that "it was not that good" and so was entering into it with low expectations. Also like The Green Knight, it exceeded those expectations, although not to the level of The Green Knight. The way in which they gave space to remember both Chadwick Boseman the actor and The Black Panther the character were well done. I give it a 3/5.

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