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Have been at a low mental place the past couple of weeks due to triggering a lower-back problem that i've had to deal with for 20+ years. The pain and inability to physically do the things i want to do become a drag after about a week, and i start to get "depressed-light"? Anyway, am coming out the other side now, which is, you know, nice. I was able to appreciate the first robin song and sighting of the year, so things can't be too bad.

As part of this low point, i've been struggling to "stay on target", being intentional with my time. I have falling back on youtube and reddit for mindless time passing. Which is fine for a little bit, but have not been feeling good about the amount of time i have been spending on those sites. Even mastodon easily becomes a time-suck, as i am a completionist at heart, and can't stand just jumping to the top and scrolling down a bit to catch up... nope, gotta go through 300+ messages! It is either disengage or take the time to really really trim down my follow list.

So, one thing that got me thinking of game projects again, was this How To Make Good Small Games post. While i am (mostly) honest with myself about wanting to solve technical problems more than actually "make games", i do think there are things that i would like to complete, and might better be able to by following this kind of manifesto. We will see, i have had similar epiphanies before, with little real change to my behaviours.

I also wanted to note Manu's I'll read it post for giving me an extra push to "just write something".

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Cripes, it is the end of February

For a month that is usually cold and horrible, this one was a breeze. While the climate crisis is going to cause a huge amount of horribleness for humanity, we got the silver-lining this past month.

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Wednesday on Tuesday

Finished the first season of the Wednesday tv show. The central mystery was not difficult to determine before the reveal, and the show followed many classic high school show tropes. However, the actors were all good, the sass crisp, and the world interesting. I give it a 3/5.

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Playing Oath

Played Oath this weekend. We setup and ran through the intro game round that the game rules sets up. We then continued the game from there, just to get a feel. I really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to playing the first "real" game, and then seeing how the legacy elements play out. Need to schedule up the next game-play now! Have also been binging on some play-throughs, and reading a tonne of the bgg forum posts about the game.

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