The Organization

All the Food

Had a nice Thanksgiving, turkey, potatoes, gravy, squash, pretty traditional.


Apple crisp with ice-cream for dessert! Lovely. The only thing missing was being able to visit with family. sigh. Covid put a stop to that. However, we did engage in a bit of silly "virtual" family photo(shopping)...

Family Seems Legit!

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The Fall

Image via selfie2anime

Rory as anime character... All mine look like some kind of abstract nightmare.

Ah crap, this amazing set of bouldering holds just came up on kijiji... And the wall these came from...

Huge Climbing Wall Holy Shit That Is Amazeballs.

A funny thing. I have a "devlog" that I do for work, very similar to this, one big text file per month. And every day I write into it throughout the day. But I write later in time, later in the day, items below earlier in the day items. This is just how it developed. Which is backwards from most blogging, as generally you want or expect the newest writing to be at the top. I just realized that I have been writing here in my devlog way, and I should really convert to the traditional blog format. Just another reminder as to how long it's been since I blogged.

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