The Organization

Got the syntax highlighting working via Prism, very easy. Nice! Here is an example of some code from the Flow project.

namespace Flow
    // Only for other, non flow classes, that would like to supply custom name info for display on the flow Game Objects.
    public interface IFlowName
        string flowName { get; }
    public abstract class FlowBase : Flow
        public void BaseComplete()
    public abstract class Flow : MonoBehaviour
        [Tooltip("Because the Game Object name is dynamically set, this is where you can customize it.")]
        public string _name;

        [Tooltip("This is triggered when the item's Complete() method is called. For example, after a delay, or when all child objects have themselves completed.")]
        public UnityEvent OnComplete;

Bouldering In The Glen

Have been planning a trip to the Niagara Glen to do some bouldering with my climbing buddy Kristjan. Got the permit and waiver. We even got a swanky guide book, so we know which climbs are possible for our weak-ass-covid selves.

Now to work out all the stuff i'm going to bring, and how to manage it in 1 backpack, along with the crash pad!

Water, chalk, towel, food... First Aid kit... Climbing shoes. Hand Warmers. More Water.

Networking, or, Hell

I'm not sure why i bother with these kinds of games. Networking is such a pain in the ass to get working. I was despairing for a bit tonight again, about the state of Unity's networking. But. But. I did get 2 instances talking to each other, which was all i really wanted to accomplish tonight. Sadly, while i am using the Noble Connect asset to allow for direct connections without a relay, i really wanted to use the Mirror package with it, but could not get it to work correctly. So i'm left using a deprecated library just to get this shit working. Gaah.

Ok, trying to move on. What is next? Maybe smooth sync?

Yep, that looks good. NETWORKING. DONE. Bahahahahahaha. Ok, no really, what is next...